Volta's City

In 1800 Alessandro Volta announced his extraordinary discovery of the voltaic pile (electrical battery) to the Royal Society. The following year, he went to Paris to present his invention to Napoleon Bonaparte in person. This has turned him into the most illustrious citizen of Como in modern times.  


Discover the many interesting Museums in the city f Como. There are four Municipal Museums and other private Museums that display the most diverse collections. The four Municipal Museums are: Museo Giovio (Aercheological Museum), Museo Garibaldi (Historical Museum), PInacoteca Civica (Art Gallery) and Tempio Voltiano (Museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta). Other museums include the well-known Silk Museum of Como.


Possibly one of the most significant Gothic churches in Northern Italy, the Duomo of Como is definitely a remarkable building.
It took around 400 years to built the Como Cathedral, "il Duomo di Como". The construction started in 1396, on the site of an another church, both churches are dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta,  and it finished in the first half of the 18th century when architect Filippo Juvarra built  the cupola. The façade is one of the most important examples of Late Gothic in Northern Italy. It was built between 1455 and 1486 and enriched with sculptures, such as the one of Plinio il Giovane and Plinio il Vecchio, by artisans working in Giovanni Rodari's atelier.

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